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70 amp FMS predator esc

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  • 70 amp FMS predator esc

    my Last three FMS models all had predator 70 amp esc which failed causing the planes to lose power and crash land 1400 p40 the zero and the 1500 Razorback in that order the first time I though battery second I thought wire the third I cursed the factory to no end all three are still in good shape replaced with 85s from motion rc anyone else have this issue?

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    Yes I had similar experiences with my new FMS 1400 T28. Lost response on first flight and it came back only to loose control a second time before I was able to get it down in one piece. I was flying with the Admiral RX600SP and suspected that was the problem as the range check was not great but at acceptable limit. I changed the receiver antennas directions and the range check dramatically improved so I thought I had found the problem. Second flight and the same thing happened but very close by. Control came back just 10ft from the ground and I was able to land with no issues. I believe the issue is the ESC as the Fail safe was set and had been tested before flight and it didn't work. fail safe can't work if there is no power to the receiver.
    I have bought new speed control to try and may replace the receiver too.


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      I did some swapping of electronics between some planes yesterday and the receiver was the problem, FMS Predator speed control was OK. Motion RC Admiral RX600SP receiver was loosing link and putting the airplane in a spiral dive 1/2 way through the flight but would come back on line after 3 to 4 seconds without the Failsafe activating (feels like a life time with these models). Trusty old GWS Corsair is my test plane for these issues.
      The Admiral receiver works great and the stability is impressive to be able to have a light weight plane fly so good in wind, but the reliability is not acceptable. This receiver is new and I will be asking Motion RC for a replacement.
      I installed a new Spektrum 8010T receiver in the FMS T28 and had a good full flight with no Holds and less than 50 Frame losses this morning.

      FMS T28 is a great flying airplane and will be converted to my FPV flyer.