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Gidget needs landing gear

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  • Gidget needs landing gear

    This is going to be a strange question. I need to make a front support wheelchair for a 5 pound 6 month old chihuahua. She is missing left front leg from shoulder socket .and right leg is deformed .I have tried several things but they have not worked. Wondering if any body would know if their is landing gear would work ? And can anybody suggestions .this is a pic of her ..her name is gidget....if anybody has any suggestions or knows some one who may can u please let me know .sorry if I have bothered any body .thank u for ur time sincerly michellyn and lil gidget.

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    Can you show what you have tried? And, explain what hasn't worked with them? That may help us to diagnose the problem and figure out a better way.


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      Even for a little dog like Gidget, I'm not so sure model airplane landing gear would be an easy solution. It may still take a lot of work and fabrication. Have you seen the "ready made" ones offered on Amazon?
      Some are quite expensive but there are cheaper ones, too. I see many are for dogs with rear end issues but at least that will give you some resources to make further enquiries. Perhaps your vet or pet shop can help.


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        I have been looking and I can't affored 7 hundred for a front support wheelchaire.


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          Originally posted by Michellyn View Post
          I have been looking and I can't affored 7 hundred for a front support wheelchaire.
          Wow, that is pricey. I didn't realize a front support was so expensive. Again, my only suggestion is to ask at a pet shop for ideas or your vet. I'll add your nearest RC hobby shop to the list.
          If it were my dog (and I am a dog owner), I'd look at some light weight but strong landing struts and big-ish wheels from an airplane. Hobby shops carry both of those. Pay more attention to how it's secured. You don't want it breaking on a bump. The wheels should be angled like you see on those racing wheel chairs. That makes them more stable. Modify a sturdy plastic box with lots of soft padding (you can use a good contact cement) and a harness (velcro?) to keep your pup in. Everything needs to be light and strong. If you have a friend with a 3D printer, ask them to look at some pictures of brackets and harnesses on rear support devices for dogs so custom stuff can be made.