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Reversing retracts

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  • Reversing retracts

    Is there any way to set which side of zero a retract uses when extending?

    In setting up my He111, I wanted to use the Tigercat control board to simplify transport wiring and control landing lights.

    I discovered that the xwave retract extends opposite of the signal from freewing retracts. +100 extends Xwave while -100 extends freewing. This causes the light to go on when the gear is retracted.

    Reversing the servo in the transmitter doesn't change this, as it only swaps what switch position represents +100 and -100.

    It would be easy fix if the retract could be configured to set which side tells the motor to retract. Is this even possible?

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    I've used servo reversers in the past to do what you are trying to do. When changing a nose retract, it would close when the mains opened. The reverser did the trick.