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1:4 Electric supercar

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  • 1:4 Electric supercar

    Well, It looks like I need to design and build a vehicle like this from scratch with either carbon fiber or some 3D printed material. I have many questions, but for now I'll center on the most pertinent to me. I want a motor at each wheel. I saw the scorpions on Motion RC and they seem like the right size but I don't know if they can be used in a automobile configuration or just the helicopters. I am building in some parts of my own design that make a lot of traditional suspension and power distribution non-congruent with my bit of "tech". I would be basing this off the Lambo Aventador S and SV. I think their suspension design might work for me. I reckon I would need to get my computer together and a Solidworks program installed in order to draw and print this stuff unless there are current products like tis out there already. I guess i need to get to a question. What is out there for 1:4 RC car products? It seemed to me that 1:8 was going to be too small for my needs. In lieu of me getting all that autocad stuff up and running does anyone out there already draw up and print or build pieces for such an undertaking? Of course any other thoughts would be appreciated other than "why not do something else"