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Programming routes

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  • Programming routes

    Does anyone make a RC vehicle where the route can be set/pre-set/programmed/modified?

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    Inav has rover support if you're up to installing and configuring a flight controller


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      What kind of vehicle? I can see it for a plane but for a land vehicle, too many topographical irregularities to contend with. Also, I've not seen anything that comes with that kind of thing installed. The kind I've seen is what you buy as components and you install it yourself and program it to your requirements. I've known guys who have had airplanes and drones fly for dozens of miles, loiter and then fly back. Those things are generally for commercial use but all such things require licensing, at least in Canada, most likely in the USA, too. (They can carry explosives, right?)


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        Well some quad copter drones have this pre-installed. And I think some of the parot fixed wings have, or use to have. No idea if they are still around, but yeah there are a few things out there that have this built in. But most of the time you have to buy the components to make this work. As for ground vehicle you have to go really deep and get electronic eyes and sensors that will detect trees and other obstacles. It could get quite expensive.


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          Since he doesn't tell us what kind of "vehicle" he's talking about, it's a bit hard to respond with any specificity.