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Wing Multi-connectors

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  • Wing Multi-connectors

    I would like to have one plug on the outer wings of my LX-B25, does anyone make a harness that would let me tidy this up? I've looked at the FMS New Multi Port Connector but I don't think it would work.
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    Hi you can use that multi wing connector on any plane with ease. The only thing is you would still need to plug the esc into the receiver seperatly still. But this would be allot handier than what it is now. Also I would unscrew the wooden rail of this to save space.


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      There are a few different harnesses available for this purpose.


      Note regarding the labeling on the FMS unit... you don't HAVE TO plug the exact channel its labeled for into it.. You just have to plug the appropriate channels in for the servos you will connect coming out.

      Its says 1,2,4,6... but you can use 1,2,3,4 or 2,5,7,9 or whatever other channels you need.

      Its just a multi-extension and would be better labeled as A,B,C,D
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        There is one resource that a friend of mine in the club uses. For both nitro and electric. It is the EDR-102 OneClik Multi-Connex. Very nice. You can check this out at
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          You can purchase them in whatever conjugation you want according to a pilot I know doing a giant B-25. It is beautiful. But don't tell him that. He spent all winter doing weathering flak and bullet damage. I don't know how to post pictures yet from my email but if someone would explain how I could post pictures of his plane. I think you will be impressed. Just remember I'm dumb as dirt when it comes to doing anything on this smartphone and that's all I have.
          Dewey l