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FMS Multiport connector question

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  • FMS Multiport connector question

    I just got the FMS 55" T28/silver and am having problems. I see only four jacks going into the right wing unit but five into the left. The one missing on the right side is Ch5C, gear doors. Is this correct?

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    Hey Flowers you are correct. There should be a Ch5c hooked to the block where the wing wires come together for the single connector.
    Dewey l


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      I guess I will have to check out that wing for the servo lead, maybe stuck inside the wheel well. Or maybe the door servo itself is missing.


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        Hopefully just the end of the servo wire is tucked back in the recesses. The servo itself should be easly seen. good luck. hope it's nothing bad like missing. The guys at Motion will take care of you though if you bought it from them.
        Dewey l


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          Okay... I think I have figured this out, based on watching every video, review and piece of information on Force/MotionRC and the FMS build manual.

          The lead on the left wing marked Ch5c is for the LANDING LIGHT in that wing (there is no landing light in the right wing, thus no wires). For one thing, the electrical connector on the right wing lead is a TWO wire deal. I have never seen any normal servo with two wires. Secondly, the servo count on the website verifies no LG door servos.
          One of the Motion RC video also clearly states that the V4 T28 no longer has servo driven LG doors. Also, my exhaustive exam of the wings show NO LG door servos (believe me I looked). Of course the ultimate answer will occur in a few days when I get a parts shipment from Force, and can finally put this thing together... and to the test. I will report at that time :)


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            Hi Aflowers, in any three wire servo connector, you have the ground (black or brown), the positive (red or orange), and the signal (white or yellowish). On an LED connector, which doesn't require a signal, only the ground and positive wires exist. That's why you only have black and red. Identify the correct polarity on the board, and plug in ground to ground.

            The V4 T-28's servo doors are actuated by a simplified sprung-hinge mechanism. It's lighter, less complex, and eliminates the cost and energy load of two door servos. As you suspected, it will become apparent how it all works once you power up the wing and toggle the gear switch on your radio.

            I hope this helps!


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              Exactly what I thought, and said.