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Flat Wing

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  • Flat Wing

    So I want to build a flying wing of my own design to haul an FPV system. Since the shape of the wing is so odd, it would be extremely hard to me to make it with an actual airfoil. Would a flat piece(s) of foamboard work too? Or will be unstable and not fly? I'm curious...

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    Flying wing ( very interesting ) I don't know if you mean taking several piece's of foamboard stack them,then shape the wing with an airfoil or stack the foamboard shape the wing w/o airfoil? It depend's on CG.It could fly with no airfoil but would be a hand full, no glide slope no lift to speak of. Airfoil create's lift and I know you that. Guttsy Move if you decide to build it.CG has alway's been tricky on a flying wing.Hope this helped?


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      I tried a single sheet flat wing on a rocket plane. It can fly, but, not great. Even the thinnest jet wings still have an airfoil shape. Doc


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        It's been 5 months and this project is long completed. I decided to go with a KF symmetrical airfoil. It flew great.