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Always Double Check

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  • Always Double Check

    We always grab our planes and look them over for obvious things that are easly seen.
    Today i went out to the field to fly and i always start out with old faithful. My old Corair S with the safe reciever. This old plane has at least 250 flights on it and even being resurrected from 2 crashs flys great.
    I thought that i checked the plane out and found it to be safe. I put the battery in and let it sit for the gyro to do its thing which it did. After being satisfied everything was working as it should i carried out to the flight line. On the way it went through the gyro calibration again just before sitting it down. At the time i was a little puzzled but i checked all of the control surfaces again and even raised the throttle above 25% and pick the plane up and verified the gyro was working as it should. So being satisfied that everything was okay i increased the throttle and took off. Everything seemed fine until about 3 minutes into the flight and the plane would start to climb as if i had pulled back on the stick and i could then change the orientation back to normal and then it would happen again and would not respond to any trim to correct. I immediately landed the plane and gave it the once over again. I didnt see anything that would cause the problem. So i then took out the battery and put in a freshly charged one. Again it went through its setup procedure and when it had finished i picked it up to carry it to the flightline. On the way it went ito the gyro setup again so i stopped in my tracks and waited for it to finish. After it did i shook the plane and it done it again. So i put the plane up and flew my fms mustang and p47.
    When i got home i checked the power wires on the esc and noticed that the ground was bending very easily at the ec3 connector so i took a hobby knife and carefully cut the insulation back at the connector and found the wire almost completely severed inside the insulation. It was hard to detect because the red wire was solid right next to it. Boy im glade i didnt go up again. That might have been the last time for my old gental friend. Still though when i stripped back the red one it was breaking to.
    i thought i would just post this in hopes to let people know that sometimes there checks and preflights are not as good as they think they are. I became to complaced with my routine and it almost cost me. Hope this helps someone.
    Dewey l

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    Oh i forgot that i was going to post a picture of what i found. Click image for larger version

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    Dewey l