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Motor making noises when adding power to it

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  • Motor making noises when adding power to it

    Hello everyone, new at this and improving haha, I have a question: I have a timber cub from horizon, I love this plane; however, yesterday when I was flying the motor started to make a loud noise eveytime I accelerated. Please advice. Thank you in advanced

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    Could be as simple as loose mounting screws.
    Not sure on that airplane. If it uses X mount (or some other mounts) there's screws you have to pull the motor to get at.
    Use EXTREME care if you try locktite. There's stuff that can be damaged by locktite. Use only on metal to metal.

    Could be throwing a bearing

    Could need better insulation between the bullet connectors that are between the motor and ESC.
    (I usually slide a long piece of heat shrink over, shrink to the ESC side so there's a bot over the small insulation gap )

    You may have chipped the prop and caused it to be out of balance.

    More possibilities... Check n those first.
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      Thank you so much for the advice, I will jump right away on it since is a beautiful day for flying. Willco, keep you post it. Thanks again.