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FlightLine and Freewing Motor Specs

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  • FlightLine and Freewing Motor Specs

    I have noticed a trend with regard to the lack of specs for these motors on the product pages and that is beginning to become a concern for many.
    As of recent the just released Corsair and the F-4/F-22(same 6S) have none of the tech info published like there was for the 1600 Spitfire, A-10 and A-4/Avanti.
    Back about 14 months ago Tom provided a rather comprehensive rationale(FMS Motor thread) as to why Motion wasn't going to publish FMS motor specs any more.
    Tom, your strong feeling for not listing motors that don't have "accurate and stable specifications" versus now listing some of the FW motors in that the motor section without any specs is contradictory.
    Why are the specs for the newer releases as noted above not being published. This is info that we really do need as a community.

    Best regards,
    Warbird Charlie
    HSD Skyraider; FlightLine: Sea Fury; FMS 1400: P-40B, P-51, F4U, F6F, T-28, P-40E, 1700 F4U and a Fox glider; Freewing: A-6, P-51; VQ: P-39; Dynam: ME-262, FW-190, Waco; ASM A-26; ESM F7F-3
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    +1 on your request WBC. I too look at things like motors and servos to see if they might be usable in other applications. Having specs (if performance is statistically consistent) could result in additional sales numbers for those components.


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      The explanation is simple. We can't publish what we don't have. We come up with a specification for the motor, ESC, prop and battery during the design phase. During testing, we may test a few different motors in the plane. Eventually we pick a specification. In the case of the corsair, it is a 5055-340Kb brushless outrunner. Beyond picking that specification motor which runs on 6S voltage, I have no other specification for this new Freewing motor. Often, obtaining the exact specification is like pulling teeth. Any motors or servos without exact specs are not from lack of trying. The specs will be there eventually but for now, we don't have any to publish. I'm confident we will get the exact specs. The specifications I do have meet what the plane needs. Beyond that, I want the exact specs so you all know how far beyond the plane specs the motor can go safely. We also want this so it can be used for upgrade purposes. Normally we can get these specs easily but the timing was bad. Freewing has been very busy the last couple months trying to fill our orders before they shut down for Chinese New Year. They, and the rest of China, are all shutdown right now. Once they return and get caught up, I'll bug them for the specs again.


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        Thanks Tom. It's good that it's something that's eventually on the radar.