2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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Motor upgrade

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  • Motor upgrade

    3D flying. I am looking for more punch and power. i.e. hovering around half throttle and being able to pull out strongly vertical, almost unlimited vertical. I am running a 11x4.7 SF prop, Admiral 1300mAh 3S 11.1V 25C LiPo Battery, and 30A ESC.
    This is what motor is currently installed:

    Motor model: C4038-15
    Dimensions (mm) Ø40×38
    Maximum sustained current (A) 13
    Shaft diameter (mm) 4
    No load current (A) 1.7A
    Weight (g/oz) 80/2.8
    Internal resistance (m?) 85
    Output Power (W) 110
    Thrust (oz) 24.5
    No load KV (rpm/V) 700
    Batteries 3 cell Li-Po

    This is what I am looking to upgrade to:

    SuperTigre .10
    Dimensions (mm) 35x30
    RPM/V (kV Rating): 1250
    Weight: 2.4oz (69g)
    Input Voltage: 7.4-11.1V
    Max. Constant Current: 29A
    Max Surge Current: 33A
    Max Constant Watts: 320W
    Max Surge Watts: 370W
    No Load Current: 1.2A
    Motor Shaft Size: 4mm

    Increasing the power to weight ratio is my goal. Would this motor upgrade accomplish this? Thanks gang!

    Rich B.

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    Re: Motor upgrade

    I too would like to know


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      RE: Motor upgrade

      I'm no 3D guru, but I have done a little research on this matter for myself. Wanting the same thing you do. If this helps, what I see in your upgraded motor is more speed(HP), and less Power(Tork). Your KV is to high to accomplish a hover. The higher the KV the smaller the prop you are forced to run. Lower KV motors provide more power(Tork) to turn bigger prop sizes with more pitch. Your second goal is perfect CG. I found from my own trials that perfect CG will practicaly let any stock air plane hover to a point. Any nose heaviness at all and she will just pitch down word during the attemp. Have your CG perfect or even a touch tail heavy and you will get great results. I know I did. Have fun from the Pacific NW :cool:*
      Pacific NW Flyer *:arrow:


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        Has anyone had any issues with upgrading to the 90mm 1680kv edf 6s set up? Is that fan anygood and how many rpm and thrust does it run?