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Prop, Motor, ESC, Battery Combination formula??

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  • Prop, Motor, ESC, Battery Combination formula??


    I am in the process of replicating my son's old Sig Kadet Mark II out of $ Tree foam, as I still have the plans that I built the original Kadet from around 25 years ago!!
    The original balsa and lite ply kit, weighs 5 pounds - according to the specifications that are published by SIG Manufacturing.
    I am hoping that my foam replica will come in at around 3 1/2 - 4 pounds.
    So my question is this: Does anyone know of any "secret recipe" for selecting a prop, motor, esc, battery combination, based on the weight of a plane? The plane will just be used for some slow and relaxing nostalgic flying. It will not need to hover or climb vertically or whatever!!
    Any help with this matter would be helpful!!

    Thank you.


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    The standard "secret recipe" is:
    100 watts per pound

    The closest weight and span ARF similar to the Kadet Mark II that I would recommend utilizing it's power set up is:
    Warbird Charlie

    ScaleTech OV-10 Bronco; HSD A1 Skyraider; FlightLine: F7F-2D, P-38 Allied Green, Sea Fury; FMS 1400: P-40B, Stuka, P-51 Marie, F4U Olathe, F6F, T-28, P-40E, 1500 Razor and a Fox glider; Freewing: A-10 Artic Thunder, A-6, P-51; VQ: P-39, JU-52; LX PBJ-1(B-25); Dynam: ME-262, FW-190, Waco, Catalina; Phoenix: Spitfire, Dauntless; Maxford Antonov AN-2; Starmax L-4 Grasshopper; Eflite 1100 T-28 float; Tech1 P40; Sonic Modell Pitts Python


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      Thank you OV10 for sharing your "Secret Recipe" for this endeavour!! That is certainly a big help!! I shall use that info and I also want to thank you for your "research" concerning the Motion R C Dynam Primo V2 power set-up. As an aside, that plane looks like a "fun, sit in my lawn chair, no thought needed - hardly....., lol....., relaxing kind of plane," too. Hmmmmm........, maybe some time down the road, that one may find a home here!!!!!
      This is such a nice website full of such friendly people!!

      Thank you again for your help.



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        When I build an ARF, I go to MRC, find an airplane of similar weight, wing span and type, then buy the electronic setup from "spare parts". Usually FMS. This has worked great for me for years. Doc


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          Hello DoctorMike!

          That sounds like some excellent advice also and similar to that offered by OV10 (above)!!
          OV10 recomended using the power system from a Dynam Primo V2 with a 57" wingspan and a weight that I hope will be close to my finished Kadet MarkII. Looks like the "bottom line" here is that if one can find a similar size, weight and type of plane, then there is no need to reinvent the wheel here and just "use what they did." It seems to me that both of you are on the 'same page' with your methods to accomplish this goal!!
          Oh, I have a Dynam Corsair from MRC and I do enjoy it. They are a good place to do business with!!
          So thank you DoctorMike for disseminating the sound advice here! You have a good bedside manner too!! Jim


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            Well, thanks, corsair! Doc