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What do i need for rc control of three low rpm servo motors?

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  • What do i need for rc control of three low rpm servo motors?

    So. I am brand new to RC technology and have decided to take on a pretty big first project. my best friend was an engineer and we talked about this idea before he recently passed, so I decided to go ahead and try it without his expertise. I am building a rc .22 turret system which should consist of at least 3 low rpm motors and gears to turn left/right and up/down and a trigger pull command. does anyone have any suggestions as to which motors to use and what ill need to remote control them from a distance of at least 2000-1500 yards? I think that the camera system will be entirely separate from the motors. I understand that theres a difference in controlling dc ac motors but the motors I have looked up that seem to do what I need the to, are dc. I am also learning about Arduinos and servo motors but I am not sure which combo of things I will need to achieve my goals. Any help would be appreciated.heres a motor I am leaning towards