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Power supply for chargers

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  • Power supply for chargers

    Anyone use PC power supplies to run their LiPo chargers? Like most people (I think), I've been buying these power supplies like the SkyRC eFuel (eg.) power supplies that cost hundreds. Now I see these PC power supplies that cost a fraction and put out what appears to be similar (or more) amps and watts. For example:

    Are they any good? Reliable? Safe?

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    I use an aluminum case cheap one off Amazon. Cheap but I had to wire the power cables and the outputs.


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      xviper - these pc p/s have been modded by many but also have not been properly DC grounded in many instances which possesses a REAL electrocution risk.
      Unless the seller can provide bonafide proof of electrical UL approval for the device, then BUYER BEWARE.
      Back in the day when I was looking both of those sources you refer to didn't pass muster.

      I have the SkyRC eFuel 1200 which ain't cheap but in order to play in the 6S and larger big amperage LiPo fast charging arena of 2C ya gotta have the appropriate tool.
      I have the Turnigy Reaktor QuadCore 4x300W 20A charger and am feeding it with 24Vdc from the eFuel and can charge 4 - 5300mAh 6S pacs in 20 min
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        Thanks for the feedback. I currently have 2 eFuel and a Turnigy power supplies. They are working quite adequately but I've always been curious if these PC things were a better value. No matter how cheap, I guess the lack of safety makes "value" suspect.


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          I started using the server power supplies from Lipo connection (bought three) seven years ago and have not had any problems from them, I now buy them off of ebay and amazom and convert them myself, the main AC ground is still intact but the DC ground to case is not in this config. and is not needed. If the two or three cases touch each other, it sets a fault and will shut off the DC side. Again in this application the case DC ground is not needed and will not cause fires or shock. I have three 4010's with 36 volts DC to each and one 406 with 26 volts DC chargers running this setup. Dell and HP. server trays use the DC case ground.

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