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No Name A2212/6T 2200KV 30 AMP ESC BED

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  • No Name A2212/6T 2200KV 30 AMP ESC BED

    i am just getting back into r/c plane and they are electrics just got the no name A2212/6T 2200 Kv motor and 30 amp esc, been trying to build a battery pack with 18650 lithium Ion batters 3.7 v 3000ma 3 S cells with a 30 amp esc, and balanced plug all soldered up they sur don't run very long what am i doing wrong built a foam lazy bee to fly this combo on i think its the outrunner motor. I need some help to figure this out hope someone can help? Please Respond Thanks!!

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    How long is “not very long”? Typically, 2200kv motor with a 30amp ESC, 6X4 prop, running with a 2200mah, 3s LiPo battery, fully charged to 12.6V would fly a plane like your Lazy Bee for an easy 5 minutes, just cruising around.
    How much time are you getting from your LiIon batteries? To what volts can they be charged to? That motor is pretty small, but quite fast spinning. A plane like that might do better with a slower KV motor and a bigger, less pitch prop.


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      Hi well i changed the prop to a glow plug i think apc 7.4 havent tried the prop that came with it.I just run it in the house it will not run on full throttle before it falls off and it will run on half throttle for awhile i think the batteries are putting out about 12 plus volts they are 3000 ma 3.7 v per cell . This is all new to me as i have always run glow motors so electric is a new ball game for me . I got the iMax b6 charger and have tried to charge ion batteries on it but it will only go to 3.6 volts and my cells are 3.7 so been charging on lipo setting. The is all new to me and the charger too! I have heard that ion batteries run longer so i bot them and built the pack per you tube videos, even put the balanced plug on them and as far as i see it is soldered right but the charger will not moniter cells in balanced mode.What kind of motor and where can i find the right prop and batterys for the lazy bee? I was thinking the esc was getting hot or was not working right as the way it was running. Your help is appreciated Thanks!!


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        LiIon batteries aren't the best things to use with electric outrunners motors. Before you decide it's the motor that's at fault, try a small LiPo battery in the 2200mah size, charged fully to 12.6V. See if you can borrow one.