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DX6 & LiIo battery pack

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  • DX6 & LiIo battery pack

    First let me apologize to the moderators if this is in the wrong area. Couldn't decide if it should go under 'Radio' or 'Batteries'.

    I got the recent DX6 (about a month ago now) and went ahead and sprung for the LiIo batter pack to go with it. I am curious as to how often, any of ya's that use these, recharge the radio? How low can it go before becoming a risk of not getting the signal out there? At what point should it be charged...or rather, is it safe to recharge back to full capacity before every outing? I do keep the standard battery tray full of Alkaline's on the ready in my flight bag.. along with the foam pieces I had to remove to fit the LiIo in there. But I'd hate to be in in the air and have the LiIo get too weak on me. I'm not familiar with these type of batteries. I've gotten pretty familiar with the LiPo's, but not sure if these need to be treated the same as far as charging and discharging go.

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    i got 2 lipo packs if its down one bar i drop in a fresh pack but that said 3.8 a cell will always be a safe point to change that 1/2 wy


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      The DX6 is basically like the DX9, just three channels less and as such you can run multi-chemistry batteries in it.
      Within the system setup you tell it what type of battery is installed and what level of voltage you want the system alarm to go off at.
      Both the LiIon and Lipo bats have a nominal cell voltage of 3.7 and since you are using a 2S LiIon, I would suggest that the low voltage of 7.4 be set for recharge.


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        Thanks OV10... I did go through the radio settings and noticed the alarm was set at 6.4.. or something like that. I assume the system set this parameter automatically when I told it I switched to the LiIo. I've just not let it run that low to get the warning alarm. I've just been using the charger that comes with the pack... until I can find the right plugin to work with my IMAX charger. I tend to top off the charge before heading out to the field and was just worried about recharging to often too soon. I've read how this can lower the life of some batteries, but wasn't sure how it would affect these LiIo's.


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          My DX8 uses a similar battery/charger as your DX6. I have the rechargeable pack that comes with the AC plug that goes into the back of the TX. When I see it down to about 7.6v, I plug it in for a few hours, at which time, it's up to 8.3v sometimes 8.4v. It's not like a NiCd that develops a memory, so sometimes, when I know I'll be out for a long day of flying, I'll plug it in just to top it up the night before, even if it's not down that much.


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            Thanks xviper ! That is exactly how I've been doing it too. My mind is much more at ease on this now.