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Horus 10x or Qx7

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    YA i replace a devo 10 ch rx and and a3 gyro and put in the s8r with gyro in half the space and half the wires great for jets where space is at a premieum going to have a bunch of a3 gyros for sale got 5 right now


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      well i ordered a multi modual from banggood and a 3d printed case assembled and installed it great now i can fly almost any protacol and can fly all my devo rx equipped planes by by devo 10


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        One of my flying buddies let me use his backup X10, this thing is awesome but a pain to program until you understand how it works, it is an amazing radio but I'm not sure I need this much, it does look awesome, best looking radio out there and has all the right switches too, fits my big hands very well. Now should I or shouldn't I buy one??