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New Spektrum AR620 sport receiver problem.

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    Originally posted by OV10 View Post
    It's the lack of proper punctuation XV Put a coma after motor. Most likely the case of improper throttle stick calibration.
    OK, now I see it. I've gotten used to today's internet way of composing a sentence.


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      Originally posted by Question65 View Post
      Normal setup just I have no throttle, and my esc is plugged port 1
      OV likely has the right point about the throttle calibration. Lower throttle trim all the way to the bottom. With TX turned on, put throttle stick all the way to the top. Now, plug in the battery to the ESC and as soon as you finish hearing the first set of beeps, lower the throttle to the bottom. Additionally, I can't tell from your picture if the plugs into the RX are of the correct polarity. Check that, too.
      Also notice that the throttle lead wires have some taped parts. Has that line been spliced a few times? If so, maybe check that the splices haven't come apart under the tape.


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        Hey thanks everyone for the feed back big help. BUT
        even when I tried calibrating the throttle it did nothing, in fact these not even any beeping when I plug in my battery. The esc is working (I think) cause I can use a servo. I checked the wires none are sliced.

        I did find out something really odd thought. If I plug in my esc to port 6 it beeps I couple time like normal. Then starts beeping again but this time the esc sounds like its dying. And once I press and release the bind button throttle turns on, and turns of when I press the bind button. Sounds great exept theres not throttle control its etheir full power or no power