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Binding without bind plug

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  • Binding without bind plug

    I just bought a new detrum gavin 6CH radio and receiver. There was no bind plug with the transmitter. When I called Motion RC the customer service rep said some of these new radios don't need a bind plug. So how do you bind the transmitter to the receiver?

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    Detrum binds different.

    Its been a while... I gave away all the Detrum TXs and RXs that came with RTF packages.

    The throttle disable switch is the bind switch.

    Turn on TX. If the lights don't flash or other indication of bind mode, then turn off and flip all the switches.

    Once TX is in bind mode, turn on the power to the RX and it will bind.


    With Detrum ALWAYS turn TX on first or you can lose bind if you power up the RX before the TX.
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