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Servo glitch buster

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  • Servo glitch buster

    How many of you do use a servo glitch buster?
    Is it functional or just hype?

    Bought a gyro and came w one of them, although I did not install the gyro I went ahead and connected the glitch buster to an empty port. So far have not encountered any issues, did read that they tend to be more harm than good,but have not experienced any issues w the one I installed in my EDF Stinger 64mm

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    I have them installed on 2 of my planes. All is working .


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      Are you talking about one of these? It's a capacitor that stabilizes the voltage through the RX. I'm not sure "servo glitch buster" is the right label for it and may be misleading. I have them on all the HobbyEagle gyros that have come in the past year or so. One of them is on my FlexJet. One servo rattles and flutters badly unless there is some load on it. I've put a small load on it and it's been fine since. As far as this "servo glitch buster" goes, it does nothing in that case to resolve the servo "glitch" . I think they include a capacitor on HobbyEagle gyros because the gyro can cause (in isolated examples) some voltage issues than can cause RX problems. I've got many gyros without this capacitor and several with it. None of my planes that are without this device has had any problems with servos going weird due to RX voltage issues. An occasional servo that does strange things gets changed and the problem stops, so in that sense, all is working without the capacitor.
      If this is NOT what you're talking about, then disregard this post.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	hobbyeagle-16v-ez-plug-capacitor-motion-rc-2509971914865_1024x1024.jpg?v=1555687519.jpg
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        Dirty Dee, XViper, thanks for the quick response.

        Yes, thats what I was talking about, the capacitor thing. Seeing the extreme demand of voltage from EDFs thought that maybe this is a must have to prevent any glitch, and/or if its recommended for digital servos etc and so on.

        I have been most of my rcing a nitro car/ large scale two stroke hobbyist and in the last few yrs moved to glow planes and now electric edfs. I never had a use for them on rc cars, but I see that little by little those capacitors are been used more and more, and was not sure if there is a relationship between high demand brushless systems compared to glow.


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          IMO (and it's only my opinion), voltage demands from servos and retracts and lights from an EDF is no worse or better than the demands from a prop plane with the same number of servos, retracts and lights. Power demands from EDFs is more but that's partitioned off differently in the ESC. The BEC, whether it be built into the ESC or an external one, takes what it needs from the main power source to give to the RX. In a 3 cell plane, the BEC still takes what it needs and pumps out around 5v. The BEC does the same in a 6 cell plane. The power system has to draw down to near the threshold of the BEC before the BEC starts to suffer power loss. The only time RX voltage may take a hit is if too many servos draw more than the BEC can supply and that can happen in EDF or prop driven planes. My old "rule of thumb" is allow 0.5A per servo. If you're running a 5A BEC, that means you are nearing stress levels if you are working 10 servos at the same time. Volts are relatable to amps and as such, stabilizing volts can help to stabilize amps at critical times. In the same token, if you're running an 18A BEC, it is likely not a big concern about wavering RX voltage. But that's when this capacitor can come in handy and save your bacon. Of course, this is not considering that your BEC may be garbage and can't handle the job under "normal" conditions, but then, I think you've got bigger issues here.


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            Electron hater!


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