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Frewing 40A ESC programming (Moray/Ultimate)

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  • Frewing 40A ESC programming (Moray/Ultimate)

    Any idea on how to enable/disable the brake function on the ESC that is on Moray and Ultimate?

    They have the same ESC part number and I have both planes however the Moray has braking ON and the Ultimate OFF

    Nothing I found on the web so far discusses how to program the ESC which is surprising!

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    Re: Frewing 40A ESC programming (Moray/Ultimate)

    here is a great video that show step by step how to program several "brands" of ESC's. i used this video to figure out my Moray ESC, so it will work. just follow the step and you will get it.


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      Re: Frewing 40A ESC programming (Moray/Ultimate)

      type in "manual for moray" in the search area in this forum. You will see the "manual for moray esc setting for brake". Pick the first discussion in this and at the bottom is the pdf of the exact manual you need. I used it myself for the moray and it is exactly correct for this esc with instructions even I can understand.