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Phoenix Edge 130 shutting down

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  • Phoenix Edge 130 shutting down

    So I have a couple successful flights and now my ESC keep shutting down. It powers up just fine and seems to initialize as it should. As soon as I engage the motor with or without blades, it shuts down. No power to the flybarless controller or anything. I have looked at the logs and can't see anything obvious. No spikes or high temps. I have the log saved if anyone want's to see it. I emailed CC but I thought I would try here as well. Here are the details of my setup:

    CC 130A ESC
    Scorpion HKIII 4025-890kV
    RT 5000mah 70C 6S (same result w/8S)
    Ikon 2 FBL

    Just trying to get some opinions/thoughts before I look at sending it in. Thanks y'all!

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    See if you are getting a voltage drop that triggers LVC.

    Check connectors to see if they are getting hot. Running high current you can melt the solder joints and then the wires shift and you get a bad connect the next time or the wire falls out of the bullet.

    Your ESC logs won't show a faulty connector by any measure other than voltage drop. If the solder joint has gone bad that drop can be so rapid the ESC will shut down as soon as you power up the motor, then it may not show on the log.
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      Thanks for the reply. The connectors weren't getting hot but I was planning on looking at the solder joints tomorrow or the next day. They aren't easy to get to unfortunately but it does seem like one of them could be suspect. It does make sense now that I think about it that what's happening may not show in the log. I will post what I find.


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        I took the ESC out and the connections were tight and the solder joints feel strong. I may hook it up to a spare motor I have laying around and see what it does. Is there a way to verify that solder joints are sufficient or a way to verify a voltage drop before it shuts down?

        Thanks in advance


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          Still having problems unfortunately.

          A recent test flight was with fixed end points and I got a stable rpm after runup but in a hover there's a definite drop in rpm, I would guess it's dropping 200 or so rpm with both curves. This was with flat throttle curves @60 and 100%. The rpm did raise after selecting the higher throttle curve and if I remember right, I had 1520 at 60% and 1670 at 100% throttle curves. This is with a bare heli with no canopy and a new battery.

          After shutdown and back on the bench, I started it back up and I had to reset the throttle end points again, as if it lost the setting. I then tested governing mode and with 30/70/100% flat throttle curves, it only maintained a 1260 (i think) rpm, with no change between modes. I'm using a GT Power digital tach and I verified each time that it was setup correctly (2 blades).

          So at fixed endpoints, the esc responds to the different throttle curves and increases as expected but drops quite heavily in a hover. Governor mode doesn't react at all to changes in throttle curves and maintains a much to low rpm.