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4x4 RC lawnmover - please help for components

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  • 4x4 RC lawnmover - please help for components


    I'm advertising from Slovenia. Yes, we also have COVID-19, so we're all in the same boat;)

    Well, at the beginning, I'm not fluent in English either, so I'm using Google

    I don't understand anything about RC either, so I also write and ask for some help.

    I would like to make a remote controlled lawnmower - RC

    To begin with, what I already have:

    Gasoline garden lawn mower
    Battery power
    4 brushless motors / wheels from hoverboards
    Remote Control - Turnigy TGY-i6 Mode 2 AFHDS Transmitter and 6CH Receiver

    What I don't have:

    I need my electronics, speed controller, ESC or whatever it is called. In short - the controller

    And here is the first question and I ask for help which controller to buy. Probably more of them.

    The motors are 350W - 36V

    The controller must have a hall sensor input

    According to your expertise, which one do you advise?

    However, I would like to avoid the motherboard of the hoverboard itself, because of the flash of the firmware and all that it pulls along, so I'd rather go for what seems simpler to the individual controllers.

    Once I have that, I'll still ask you for help with the whole connection and setting up the remote control. The remote control has a v-tail function which I think I will use with the project.

    That will be a start, when we reconcile and procure it, we will move on

    Thanks for the help.

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    buconova Welcome?

    What is the size and weight of your lawnmower?

    What is the size of the area you want to mow?
    Camp My Instagram @Alpha.Makes


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      For an easier idea of what I want ...

      According to me, it weighs about 50kg
      I would have lunch 1500m2

      I need steering. Either with 4 ESCs, or with two, or one ESC, anyway. Just that it works