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installation manuel

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  • installation manuel

    Hi just received a freewing 130a from motion rc and it doesn't have a installation manuel,also all connection wires to the engine are the same blue color !
    Is there a manual how to hook this up ?? Sorry I'm new with the electric only flue gas before ,thanks for the help

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    As far as instruction manuals go, you can download almost any high amp Freewing ESC manual from one of the planes on Motion's site. This will tell you how to program the various functions, however, using the factory default settings is the best way to go, so don't mess with it. In this sense, you don't need a manual. Throttle calibration method can be found if you search YouTube. Most ESC manuals won't tell you this anyway. As for which wires to hook up to the motor, just hook them up and see which way the motor turns. If it's not going the direction you want, simply swap two of the wires - any two. Even if they were colored, this doesn't help in most cases anyway. It's a trial and error thing.


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      Thanks , !!