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Is it possible to damage ESC by pulling out plug slowly?

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  • Is it possible to damage ESC by pulling out plug slowly?

    Today the esc on my Freewing seems being damaged while I pulled out the battery plug.

    The airplane was on a stand, upside down. The batter was on the table. Overall, the position was awkward. When I tried to pull apart the battery plug from the ESC cable, the parting of two plugs were not quick, Instead, it was a much slowed process than the regular case. I heard a sequence of snappy sounds, like tiny fireworks.

    I suspected the ESC was damaged. Then I plug back the battery for testing. This time, during the plugging in process, I also heard several light snappy sounds. All LEDs lightened up several times, then went out.

    Seems the ESC is gone, control surface no linger moves.

    When the plug was slowed pull out, it is possible the short distance discharge between two plugs to damage the ESC? Just cannot figure out what happened.

    Thank you for any insight!

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    Turn out it is the Xt90-EC5 adaptor soldering came loose. Never mind!