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What esc to use

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  • What esc to use

    so I recently purchased STL files for a Nasa ER2 and in the manual it says that they recommend a Changesun 90mm 12 blade edf with the Turnigy Sk3 fandrive 3659 - 1900kv motor. Now I dont know if this combination makes sense due to some reviews ive read. Could I get your opinions and if it makes sense how big the esc should be.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Take a look at other 90mm jets using a similar fan and motor and note what ESC those are using. Also, if you go to RC Castle and look at their selection of 90mm EDF units, you can see what kind of amp draw those things have. Select an ESC that will cover that amp draw with a little extra margin for safety. I’m guessing you’ll be needing something in 120A to 130A range, assuming you are keeping this as a 6s system.