Freewing T-45 Goshawk 90mm EDF Jet PNP

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ESC questions for PNP planes

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  • ESC questions for PNP planes

    My question is in regard to many of the popular PNP electric planes and the ESCs used in them. I have read on several forums where the stock ESC overheats, or catches fire, even when flying in a "stock" configuration, e.g., using the correct size battery, prop, etc. My question is: Wouldn't the manufacturers size the ESCs in their planes correctly? It seems to be me to be in their best interest since unhappy customers tend to be very vocal and they would end up losing sales.
    I'd also like an explanation of how some ESCs have a "failsafe" UBEC or such that allows control of flight surfaces if the main ESC fails? I am not an electrical wiz, so please make the explanations in layman's terms. If I want to upgrade an ESC, what features, other than amperage size, would I look for in one? If say, a 30amp ESC failed, would I want to go all the way to a 40amp, and what else should I look for in a replacement ESC?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: ESC questions for PNP planes

    basic info maybe it can help


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      Re: ESC questions for PNP planes

      Thanks Kokanee121-I printed the article and will keep that as a reference.