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FMS ESC TX programming.

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  • FMS ESC TX programming.

    hello all. i am having difficulty with a FMS 60amp ESC i had purchased as an upgrade for a plane of mine. however here are the things i am dealing with: when i first connected everything, it did not need me to "initialize" it. second, it seems to pulse at any more than half throttle when using 3s and about 1/4throttle on 4s. i cannot figure out the programming. i do have a manual for FMS ESC's 20-50amp, but its a 60amp FMS ESC and i just cant figure it out. is there any way someone could guide me through it? i think i just need to change the timing on the ESC.. here is the ESC i purchased:

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    Re: FMS ESC TX programming.

    This video might be helpful in getting your FMS esc working properly.