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How to diasable SAFE/AS3X settings on this rx: EFLR310013

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  • How to diasable SAFE/AS3X settings on this rx: EFLR310013

    Hi all,
    I am a newbie in this beautiful hobby - and I have recently bought an E-Flite Apprentice S15e - and within my club they advise me to disable the AS3X and the SAFE settings. Is there anyone here on the forum who has a clue (or a solution) to fix this?
    Please forgive me my bad English - It's not my native tongue.... :-(
    Best regards,

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    The manual does NOT indicate that safe/AS3X can be disabled. It's a feature of this particular model, assuming you have the 1.2m version. If you do not want safe/AS3X, you need to remove that RX and replace it with a standard non-Safe RX. For this type of plane (trainer), it would not be recommended.
    Why does your club members want you to disable it? Usually this happens when they don't understand how it works or how to calibrate it.


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      xviper is correct. There is no need to disable AS3X/SAFE on this trainer, especially if you are new to the hobby.

      There's a guy who posts on rcgroups with username "flightengr" who has posted a huge amount of information on reprogramming these receivers, but for the time being I recommend leaving it alone and just flying the plane.


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        If it came with a radio like mine did, the radio itself has a 3 position switch to select beginner, intermediate and off.
        I Fly mine with a futaba radio and a lemon rx dsmx dsm2 module to get the 3 flight modes i had to assign channel 5 to "gear" and a 3 position switch. Basically the same way you do it with a futaba gyro. If not i wouldn't even arm the system to fly it. All i have to do is flip the switch to get the led in the planes window red and the safe/as3x to be off.

        The reason they tell you to turn it off is to force you to learn to fly it without it correcting your inputs. in their mind it will keep you from developing bad flying techniques. I suggest intermediate to learn.