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Post flight battery capacity

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  • Post flight battery capacity

    Hi guys,
    Curious about post flight battery capacity/voltage. I am flying with Admiral 6S 5000mAh batteries. I put 5 flights on my F-18 the other day and 3 of the batteries were at 14% immediately post flight and 1 at 22% and 1 at 28%. I just went to charge the batteries and they are now sitting at 30%.
    Is it normal to see that much difference in capacity after the battery rest and cools down? The batteries are warm after the flight but not hot. No signs of puffing and they all have 15-20 cycles on them.
    I have my flight timer set at 2:45 and after taxiing back to the pits I am usually about 30 seconds over.


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    Yes. I typically don't run my batteries down that far and usually end a flight at 28-30% and after they rest are up around 35-40%. At the cost of 6s LiPo's I'm fairly conservative in how I treat them.


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      I am shooting to keep my batteries 20%+ after flight but I was getting a bit throttle happy and having too much fun. I am going to order some HRB 6000 batteries and see what I get on flight times. They run about $150 for a pair of them from Amazon.
      It pains me to get less than a 3 minute flight time.