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Which RC battery brand is better?

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  • Which RC battery brand is better?

    TATTU batteries are good, but a bit expensive. I tried the Ovonic 50C 4S 5000mAh battery. The voltage is very stable and the power is sufficient. It looks good overall, and the most important thing is that the price is cheap. Do you have any good brand recommendations?

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    IMO, the best batteries out there are SMC Graphenes (Superior Matching Concepts).

    I tested and purchased (unfortunately) several hundred batteries (mostly 3S, 4S and 6S) including Liperior, HRB, Roaring Top, Admiral, E-Flight, Spektrum, Hobbystar, Venom, Thrust, etc. and rank them in that order for price/weight/Actual C to Advertised C. There are others out there, but that's my experience. I test them using a Progressive RC Internal Resistance Meter and a GT Power meter hooked up to out/inrunner EDF's and prop planes to register Max Amp draws and Max Watts. The majority of batteries Actual C usually test out to be 35%-45% of their advertised C (talk about "hype"). Not so with SMC, which are at their advertised C (the "Flight Batteries" in their line specifically). Liperior's are second in being "close" to the actual C at maybe 75%. Their (SMC) weight is at or below competitors with higher "advertised" C and the price is comparable, but actual C is much better.

    For example, their 6S 5300 mah 40 C costs $100 and weighs only 684 gr and is a true 40C (a great battery for the Mig 29). The Roaring Top 6S 5500 70C tests out to a 35C, costs $120 and weighs 100 gr more at 794 gr. The Admiral 6S 5000 50C costs $110 and weighs 701 gr but is more like a 27C battery and the 6000 6S Pro 50C costs $124, weighs 840 gr and is more like a 26C, while SMC's 6200 6S 40C costs the same, weighs 814 gr and is a true 40C, big difference (and great also for the Mig 29, and the 12 blade inrunners in my 2 F-4's, F-16 and 2 F-18's). SMC also makes an 8100 6S 20C weighing 903 gr costing $136 that I occasionally use in the 12 blade inrunner in my F-16 to give over 5 minutes of flight time with no loss of take-off distance on grass or vertical performance since it is a true 30C (higher than advertised). Compared to the HobbyStar 8000 100C costing $180 which has a true C of 25C (100C my A...).

    In general, Admirals are good (have about 100 of those in various cell counts and mah), but their actual C is about 40% of listed, are a little heavier and a little more expensive. Spektrums are way overpriced. Liperior, HRB and Roaring Top are better, IMO, than Admirals with a slightly higher actual C (forget everyones labeled C), and weigh a bit less than Admiral and are less expensive. But the bottom line is, for me anyway, SMC is a far better battery than the others, maintains individual cell amps better with a much higher C (lower individual cell resistance).

    If you are flying an EDF with an inrunner, the SMC's give about 10%-15% more output across the board from fully charged to 20%. With outrunner EDF's, the difference is slightly less dramatic and with prop planes (outrunners), even less so.

    But that's just my opinion, which, along with $5 bucks may get you a gallon of gas (but don't forget the $5 bucks)! Assume you're not in N America and not sure if you can get SMC, although I know they ship to Canada.
    Hugh "Wildman" Wiedman
    Hangar: FL/FW: Mig 29 "Cobra", A-10 Arctic, F18 Canadian & Tiger Meet, F16 Wild Weasel, F4 Phantom & Blue Angel, 1600 Corsair & Spitfire, Olive B-24, Stinger 90, Red Avanti. Extreme Flight-Slick 60, 60" Extra 300 V2, 62" MXS Heavy Metal, MXS Green, & Demonstrator. FMS-1700mm P-51, Red Bull Corsair. E-Flite-70mm twin SU-30, Beast Bi-Plane 60", P2 Bi-Plane, P-51, Apprentice.


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      Here you go ................................................
      Analyze and choose wisely.


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        Originally posted by xviper View Post
        Here you go ................................................
        Analyze and choose wisely.
        good job