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Admiral 4000mah 6cell

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  • Admiral 4000mah 6cell

    I purchased 2 of my PRO Admirals 1 1/2 years ago, I flew them one time then put them in storage for 6 months.
    Did another storage charge 6 months later, then 6 months later I did another... but they were completely dead???
    one cell in each battery was dead...
    Why would both batteries die at the same time...
    The only dead batteries in all of my collection of 23...
    I don't think I'll ever purchase any more of these PRO batteries because their very expensive and faulty... NO problem with my maintenance schedule on my other Admirals. I have at least 6 more...

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    I’m surprised that you needed to do repeated storage charging every 6 months. Why did you feel you needed to put them on a storage charge again? Did you check the voltage first? We’re they low? I’ve had LiPos at their storage charge completely untouched for many years and they have all held their charge. Perhaps you got a couple of duds?
    You say you used them only once and then never used them again. Did you cycle them 3 times before the first use? A 3 cycle pre-use procedure is a good way to give your LiPos a good start to a healthy life. Not doing it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have an unhealthy life, but doing it will favor a better lifespan. When you used them that first time, how low did you deplete them?


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      To bad when this happends..I had some ZOP batteries where 4 of 8 batteries died because 1 cell died in them, .. Got 1 that was dead on arraival.. 1 did I save with charging the dead cell with higer voltage, 1 did I rebuild from 6s to 5s...But the remaining ZOP batteries is in very good condition. You can try to charge the 1 cell to try to rescue the battery, and begin to use it. It seams like the battery like to be used instead of storage.