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Avanti Landing Lights

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  • Avanti Landing Lights

    I have a Freewing Yellow Avanti and I wish to use the MotionRC landing light set which includes the V3v light controller. Because I am using a 6 channel radio I will need to Y-cable the lights into the landing gear channel but I want the lights to go on on after the wheels are completely down to eliminate excessive current draw at once. Will the MotionRC landing gear sequencer allow me to put in the desired delay? Or maybe there is a better way to accomplish this?

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    Hi Mirion,
    Both of those sequencers energize the LED rail at the moment the gear begins to cycle. There isn't a delay built in to either of those sequencers to energize the LED rail only after the gear is fully down, nor would there be a significant enough draw from the LEDs during those ~2 seconds to brown out your receiver. These same sequencers have been used in dozens of our aircraft for several years, and if people were losing a large number of planes due to brown outs while their gear was deploying and the landing lights were turning on, I'm sure they would have quickly made us aware.

    If you wanted to DIY an inline circuit that delayed the signal, that would be theoretically possible. You'd have to devise a timing circuit that held back the input voltage for a couple seconds before passing it the LED.


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      Thanks for the info Alpha, after reading some posts regarding people who felt a brownout was the cause of their crash I have been gun shy. It sounds like you feel the BEC on the stock Avanti ESC is robust enough to handle the additional wattage. There are no other devices on my factory stock plane and all of my control surfaces are free, just wasn't sure how much power electric retracts actually draw.


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        For what it is worth, I pushed the power lead out of the throttle line coming from the BEC and I use a separate receiver battery (1100mah, 6.6v Life). They are inexpensive and I usually get two or three flights out of it.