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LED Light Strips

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  • LED Light Strips

    Can someone off suggestions on adding LED light strips to a plane? Never done anything like this before but interested in doing it to have something available for a night fly. Everything I'm seeing on Motion seems to be landing or nav lights. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Bellke great modification idea. Most LED light strips you can get online are 12v, so a 3S battery will power those fine. If I were doing this, I'd just strip back the connectors, add lengths of +/- wiring between the strips to wherever you're mounting the light strips. I figure hot glue or CA would hold the strips on your airframe. If you don't want to add a 3S battery pack, you can use your flight pack by tapping into the the positive connector on the cell 3 counting in from the main positive connector lead to the ESC. Make sense? good luck, post pictures. Best LB
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