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Li-Ion Transmitter Battery Charging Question

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  • Li-Ion Transmitter Battery Charging Question

    I just bought the Spektrum 7.4volt 2000mah Li-Ion transmitter battery for my DX-6 along with the Spektrum AC wall plug to charge it up ( International Air Transmitter AC Adapter). When I plug it in to the transmitter & the wall outlet I can only assume that it is charging the battery because there are no lights, no sounds to give any indications. It actually is charging because I turned on the DX-6 during charging & see the voltage increasing. I can’t believe that there are no lights or sounds. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone have any experience with this Li-Ion transmitter battery & charger? See pic of battery.

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    I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ve proven to yourself that it’s charging. Check what the voltage is just before you plug it in, then let it charge for a few hrs, unplug it and check again. It won’t overcharge due to a built in circuit that turns off charging when it’s full. Anything between 8.2v to 8.4v is fully charged.
    PS. Did you read page 5 of your manual for the DX6? Especially the part about setting the battery type in the transmitter?


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      Yes I set battery type To Li-Ion with 6.4v alert. Thanks.