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Thinking of upgrading my transmitter

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  • Thinking of upgrading my transmitter

    Hi All! As stated in my thread title, I'm thinking of upgrading my radio equipment to a trans that is capable of storing several different planes and their setup/trim settings. The issue I face, however, is that all my receivers (6 ch) are of the FHSS type. Are there any FHSS-compatible radios out there that meet my wish, or do I need to get all new receivers to go with a new trans?
    Thanks in advance!

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    What brand are the receivers? I believe that Frsky is compatible with that protocol. I run Frsky in my Turnigy 9XR Pro. The Taranis radio also works with Frsky. You can store many aircraft in these radios.


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      I would recommend the Radiomaster T16S. It has the Multi-module built in and it can handle FHSS and just about everything else for a very reasonable price. If you want another radio, then you can get the Multi-module as an external module and have backwards compatibility. Have a look at for more info. The great thing with Radiomaster it that it is OpenTX.


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        Thanks for the replies! The existing trans is branded as a BlitzRC MC6 which is identical to the Hobby King HK6S except for the badging Aside from the original Rx (BlitzRC), Ive been using HK 6 ch Rxs in my planes. Its just a PITA when changing planes that I have to essentially re-trim and double check for any needed servo reversing before an attempted flight. Even though my current planes are 6 ch or less, I guess its a smart move to get a transmitter that can service maybe 9 channels to allow for "future growth"? Plus, things like dual rates and expo would be nice, as well as a timer function and battery monitor - all stuff I don't currently have.
        Thanks again..