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Satellite receiver

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  • Satellite receiver

    hi guys. Watch tons of rc u tube stuff,, like it also not in a club here.... question being a satelite rx connected to a lemon receiver .. or better a lemon rx with a satelite rx conected.. is this simply improving reception or is there more to it..... it was in a al 37 from fwing

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    f4u ausie I can't answer to whether the remote sat rx's can do more than just a redundancy to improve reception. I do know some of them are more specific to using with telemetry. But I think improved reception is the main function. Maybe other people will chime in on the specifics.

    I can say that I have installed them in a few of my planes. The criteria for deciding to use them, if they are big, fast, or expensive, I will install them. They are easy to install and bring peace of mind having antenna further away from the battery and esc. Cheers!


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      What SanExup said
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