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Universal Transmitter options

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  • Universal Transmitter options

    So I have been recently looking but have trouble figuring out which transmitters are available (that won't break the bank) that will be compatible with multiple protocols. As in mostly spektrum reciever, e-flite, HobbyZone, etc. As well as other popular models an even toy grade fixed wing as I progress in the hobby. Something other than spektrum radios obviously. Thanks in advance for any information!

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    I have been searching for an alternative to Spektrum Tx and Rx ... for a couple of week with no success? The radios are in the COVID-19 void. The 8-10 channel computer radio transmitter which can work reliably to have lights, motor reverse, open doors and cameras... Futaba and Spektrum are sold out or over $500 plus a receiver costing $80 with telemetry and stabilization emergency switch.


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      Radiomaster TX16S ... sixteen channels, available in several different versions and price points ($200-300). Included internal 4 in 1 module "speaks" 60+ different protocols. Plus can accept external JR style modules.

      I have and use the Max edition to fly an assortment of FPV quads, fixed wing models and helis. Here is one vendor that has them in stock:


      (non-affiliate link)


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        Thank you, I am a park flyer about every low wind or calm day. The Tx looks great as I am learning FPV quads as well as fixed wing. The FPV videos flying in tree canopies and in nature are spectacular. RC rocks, cheers