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Spektrum NX8 glitching…..expertise needed please

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  • Spektrum NX8 glitching…..expertise needed please

    Hi all, need some expert assistance here please :).

    Took my 1.6m Spitty to the field this morning and bound her to my NX8 that I purchased a few months back. Hadn’t flown her in a while so this was the first with the new transmitter. The ol’ girl has a tried and tested Spektrum AR6210 and a satellite that it’s been running for some time now. The NX8 has been in use with numerous other planes and no problems.

    All bound together fine and dandy and then I noticed it, every 11 seconds, both the elevator and the rudder glitch at the same time, moving about 5mm each and immediately turning to centre. Between the very rhythmic glitches, everything is dead still as you would expect. The glitch does not affect the ailerons at all, they stay dead still the whole time while the others are glitching.

    So, I checked all servo connections, they were all sound, rebound again, same thing. So I decided not to fly. For the record, I only have the blue box in use for the gear, nothing else. Everything else is Y cable.

    Then it dawned on me that my son was flying with my old DX6 so I rebound it to this radio at the field. Success and no glitching whatsoever! Not even the faintest. Range checked 100% and did a flight, everything was totally fine. Flew great.

    Next thing, I came home and created a new model file in the NX8 and deleted the old one. I had wondered whether the file had corrupted somehow when I recently transferred it over to my new NX8. I created this new file by hand copying the one in the DX6 instead of transferring it on an SD card. Bound it to the NX8 again, same glitch 🤨…..Re bound it to the old DX6, no glitch at all, dead silence 🤔…..both lights on the receiver and the satelitte are solid with either radio so not showing any issues present. I also checked and every channel is set to 22ms so should be fine on the NX8 in theory….what am I missing?

    So, I’m left with a troubling and perplexing problem of the 11 second elevator and rudder glitch only when using the NX8. I would be grateful for your suggestions as to what may be causing this as I’m still getting used to the newer features in it.

    Kind regards

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    There was a bug that this sounds a lot like with older receivers and the new transmitter.

    I believe it was fixed in a tx update.

    Make sure your Rx, and tx have.the latest.updates. if.that doesn't work contact HH as you may need a new Rx.


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      Thanks Gilatrout! I should have thought of the Spektrum updates….just checked and I was behind in the updates for the NX8 so have just installed the latest and greatest to get up to date. I’ll see tomorrow morning if that’s fixed it and report back.



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        Gilatrout, thanks for pointing me in the direction of the fix for this bug. Hadn’t heard of this particular bug until now. Tried this morning and she is now completely fine and well behaved 😎. Thanks again.

        Happy flying


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          Actually on RCGroups there is a whole tread over there with all the problems and fixes.

          AMA 424553


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            It is so awesome to see people helping each other in these forums. The world needs more of this.
            Nate Kennedy
            "Opinions are my own"


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              RRHandy, thanks mate, much appreciated. I had seen a thread there some time ago but had forgotten about it. Fortunately, it was an easy fix. Gotta love the wifi update capability on the transmitters…Soooo much better.

              Natrix, welcome aboard! And yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you 😎.

              Happy flying all.