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Servo horn size

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  • Servo horn size

    Hi. I want a stronger servo horn for my Marlin edf nose wheel because it brakes easy on landings. Could this: '
    Replace the one below?

    Aren’t servo horns/rods the same size/diameter?
    Replaced this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gearhorn 2.jpg
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    No, all servo horns/rods are not the same sizes. Take a look at your stock servo steering arm (the clear plastic part - plexiglass?). It has a groove in it that the metal steering tiller sticks through. As the servo moves through its arc, that tiller must be able to slide in that groove. (Steer it and see what I mean.) The part in the link you provided won't work unless you are able to machine a groove just like the one in the stock arm. For something stronger, you should take the clear piece off the white part and use it as a template to make yourself a thin hardwood piece.


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      I think i’d leave it as it is for now. But the hardwood mod
      could be a good idea. But thank’s for your help. Didn’t know that about servos:)