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Mr RC Sound A-10 pack disappointment

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  • Mr RC Sound A-10 pack disappointment

    I purchased the Aspire system, the amp, the jet sound pack, 2 bass transducers, and another TT-25 go run a full 4-speaker setup in my FW 80mm A-10. After a half dozen flights I’m rather disappointed. The jet sound is overwhelmingly loud, but you can barely hear the gun sound at all. I got it really just for the gun. I removed the lead for the throttle to try using just the gun, but again, it’s not loud at all, even over just the sound of the EDFs. Has anyone tried to edit the .WAV files on the cards to improve them? Trying to find some way to make this sound decent, but at this point I’m tempted to just remove the system altogether. Thanks!

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    RCguy has anyone gotten back to you on this?

    Did you try contacting Mr rc sound?
    here is a video on installing... have you gotten any more volume by adjusting the volume knob?

    here is his em web


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      My issue with the MrRC A10 sound pack is that I can't get the sound to go into idle after startup. With the throttle at low it just goes into shutdown. I played around with the trim and subtrim but can't seem to find a combination that will work the way I want it to. Would like to know how to make this happen without the card going into shutdown every time I go to low throttle. Even with the trim causing the startup it goes into shutdown after the startup routine. I'm going to contact Brad Monday andsee if he can hook me up with Andrew so I can sort this out. BTW, I have it on good authority that Banggood has a sound card system including two transducers for $69 bucks. Theres even one there with two transducers and two LED lights for the same prince.


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        Got the startup and shutdiwn working with the throttle trim ok. But no chatter on servo 3 or 4.