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Help with Sound card setting FW P51

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  • Help with Sound card setting FW P51

    Can someone tell me where the small switch is on the sound board on the P51 I need to re-set at low and high throttle. I would really appreciate it much.

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    Re: Help with Sound card setting FW P51

    The small microswitch is on the end of the green sound card. Here is a snippet from a user on RC Groups who found a simple and easy way to calibrate the sound system:

    ****** start ********
    Remove the prop to start with!

    First calibrate the esc before calibration of the module. (trim on neutral)

    There is a micro dip switch on the module. It needs to be pressed (keep it pressed) once with lowered throttle until it beeps and once at full throttle also with a couple of beeps.
    If the blue led is off press it once to turn the module back on again.

    Note: the battery for the sound module needs to be connected at all time as well as the power for the plane.

    Then final adjustments can be made with the trim.

    ****** end *********

    Hope this helps,