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Smoke cartridge system for EDF's - feasible?

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  • Smoke cartridge system for EDF's - feasible?

    Is there a smoke cartridge system that is available for an 80 - 90mm EDF jet? Or is this a hairbrained idea totally incompatible with foamy jets? Just wonderin'.:Confused:

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    There is RC Smoke that evolved from the Hvac business. Basically a 3 minute flare that can be remotely ignited. Not the best in terms of producing a rich volume of smoke. But it does work.

    Must be something better
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      I don't think it matters if it's an EDF or what it is.


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        That's really cool. Not gobs of smoke but switchable and fairly visible.


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          here check this out... I used these and have had good results.....

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            I'd like to get one that blows black smoke. Make the saber a little more scale.