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Servos wont center

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  • Servos wont center

    My Eindecker has a issue with the aileron servos that return to center but they seem to hunt before centering its like the ailerons are waving back and forth. This plane is a glow power and I am using a 6.6 LiFe battery for the radio system Futaba 2.4 rx. The extensions to the ailerons are approximately 20" long. I have replaced the servos and the extensions. I'm thinking that I am getting a voltage drop with the extensions. Any ideas that I might have not thought about?

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    Have you tried the servo with a servo tester, with and without extension? The servo tester should have a centering position. Just move the servo manually through its travel and even let the auto cycle position go at it. Then stop it somewhere and see it if centers. This may eliminate some things for you.


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      I tested the servos with my servo tester and they worked just fine I am at loss to what it could be.


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        What are you powering the tester with? If you tested it WITH extensions and it worked, then it's not the extension. I'm not familiar with Futaba or with using a 6.6v LiFe battery to power the RX. If you can, try to hook it all up with some other radio and maybe a more conventional 5 to 5.5 volt power source into the RX. If that works, then you should look towards the original radio system as the problem.


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          In my experience, if u power a conventional model servo with less than 4.0 volts or more than 6 volts u will get this chattering effect where the servo will not center properly.