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Digital Combat Simulator

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  • Digital Combat Simulator

    Has anyone tried this? It's not an RC simulator but it has a huge collection of aircraft and campaigns. It looks like you download the "Digital Combat Simulator World" and then you can add your favorite aircraft and fly historical or modern combat missions with other online. It reminds me of Battlefield 2 on the PC but with seemingly better game play and graphics.

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    I avoid those kinds of downloads. I had a bad experience a while back when I tried to download that "tank battle" program. It froze my computer and even after uninstalling the program, the computer was useless. Thankfully, I was able to use a back-up of the PC from one week prior to get it running again.


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      I have had it for a couple of years and is by far my go-to sim. I am using it with the Oculus Rift CV1 and it an amazing experience in VR! I have been a Microsoft FS user since FS98, an X-Plane user for a few years and have recently started using Aerofly FS2. DCS best's them all in my opinion. I am not really in to dog fighting or combat so I mostly just work on and around carriers and like to fly missions in the Huey, MI8, etc. One of the things I really like about DCS is that if you are a fan of "study level" sims where you really have to learn the systems in depth to operate the aircraft and systems, it has you covered. If you (like me) simply enjoy the flight aspect and like zipping around buildings or tree's at 500+ knots or finding the most challenging landing sites for heli's it also has you covered.

      The addon aircraft can be a bit pricey though. I think the new F14 is upwards of $80. But you can also spend $100+ on study level aircraft for FSX and X-Plane so it's all relative in the end. It's a safe download as long as you are downloading it from either Steam or the DCS website itself. Be aware though that if you do get it through Steam, some of the updates will not be immediately available. They tend to make them available to non-Steam users first on their website.

      The flight physics are simply amazing, especially in the helicopters. I have probably 40+ heli's in FSX and 90% of them fly exactly the same. You can absolutely feel the difference between them in DCS.

      I highly recommend trying it out! I can't remember for sure but I think you get the T-51, F15, and a Mig included in the free download. Most if not all of the systems are able to be interacted with in the Mustang but the Eagle and Mig they are not. But you can map most or all systems to the HOTAS.


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        Icepirate - What controller setup are you using?


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          Thrustmaster Warthog and old Saietek pedals on a Wheelstand Pro. The Warthog is pretty expensive but well worth it if your serious about precise control. I used a Saitek X52 for probably 10 years and while it did serve me well, the Warthog is light years better.