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Digital Combat Simulator

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    Originally posted by Chief58D View Post

    I’ve been seriously considering adding the Occulus Rift to my gaming rig, but not real sure how it integrates with an existing HOTAS controller (Saitek/Logitech X-52, in my case). Could you share a brief overview of your controller setup and how it all works (i.e. what controls what) when using the Rift? Trying to get an idea of where the Occulus controllers fit in the mix.

    If you could recommend any online tutorials that might help with the DCS setup with this gear, it would be most appreciated!!

    Thanks! :Cool:
    Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. I unplug from the internet for a few days a week. I don't use the Oculus controllers at all when flying, only the HOTAS, mouse, and minimal keyboard. There is a small gap at the bottom of the headset that allows you to see a little bit. It does let a little light in but I prefer to have it there to see the keyboard or the clock on the monitor when flying.

    If you were referring to my HOTAS setup, I have the gear, flaps, spoiler, fuel, starters, and tail-hook on various switches/buttons on the throttle side. I only have ATC, trims, hand brake (Mi-8 and Yak), guns/rockets on the stick for now. I still use the mouse quite often but with my left hand on a TV tray next to my chair. With the X-52 your limited but still have enough buttons/switches/sliders to map most critical functions to it. With the Warthog the mapping capabilities are close to endless.

    If you have the time, patience, and know-how it's worth the time to map as many functions as possible to the HOTAS when using VR. Having to use the mouse or keyboard does take away from the experience a little. If I ever retire and actually have time to invest in truly learning the aircraft systems and mapping everything I will absolutely do it. I just simply don't have the time with working 60+ hours a week.

    If your on the fence with VR and really enjoy DCS, I would say get it. There are those holding out for very high resolution VR, and i'm sure it's not far off but I have not regretted getting mine for 1 second. I even got it when it was $600 just for the headset and 1 tracker!! No regrets!


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      No worries on the delay getting back with me -
      I can DEFINITELY relate to the need to unplug now and then, especially during the holidays.

      I do appreciate all the info you've posted ~
      Time to start working on my "blind cockpit" drills with my X-52!
      I might have to drop some gift card hints for my birthday coming up in February...:)



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        Gents I have a DCS server available for anyone who wants to use it. The current scenario is set up for free flight with a fleet and some ground targets for practice.

        I initially set up the server to help train up some of my RC club members in DCS. But all are welcome. Feel free to fly anytime the server is up.
        If you want me to include a specific plane or type of mission let me know.

        server name: Virtual NAVAIR


        SRS equipped (it should autoconnect SRS....testers needed) However Discord might be easier for training and familiarization flights.
        Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS


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          server is up as of today. also the SRS and Discourse servers are up.

          Server name shortened to NAVAIR

          good news from ED. Looks like they are working on some WWII stuff for us.

          Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS


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            Disregard the previous post. The server has changed.

            DCS server "Eagles Nest"


            Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS


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              This is total next-level stuff I would love to invest in (if I can stop buying our warbirds and jets, yeah right! LOL)...I have been flying FSX with rudder pedals and a Logitech Extreme which used to scratch the itch but head tracking/VR/DCS would be fantastic.
              My YouTube RC videos:


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                I was fine with my old X-52 and pedals until I went VR. It completely changes the experience. Oculus has a new headset coming out so you may be able to find a CV-1 pretty cheap soon. It works fine on FSX with the Flyinside add-on. And I know it's expensive but the Warthog HOTAS is invaluable when flying in DCS, especially in VR! It has enough switches, knobs, and sliders to run pretty much an entire mission without having to look a the keyboard.


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                  Just picked a new gpu card and a thrust master hotas warthog for Dcs and the f14. Wow, what a great sim. Still learning my way around the tomcat but thinking of picking up the hornet. Whatare you guys flying?


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                    I mostly fly the Huey and Mi-8 but love the Yak and Hornet. I'm not really into combat and mostly just like flying through cities and valleys or finding difficult places to land the heli's.


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                      My DCS server is Eagles Nest. It's up most of the time.
                      SRS is enabled and will autoconnect. Just have SRS open when joining the server.

                      The current Scenario is called Operation Joint Resolve. It runs for 56 hours with tankers, awacs, fleets, etc. You can just fly around freely, train, or run missions. The scenario has plenty of bad guys if you want to start a dust-up.
                      I also have an airfield with "museum" birds to fly.

                      New Discord is

                      All flyers, newbies and vets welcome anytime. I am on a couple times a day usually.
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                      Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS


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                        Discord has changed
                        Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS


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                          Still learning the systems on the tomcat and hornet but would Love to join up. Also I need to setup srs.


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                            Can anyone recommend a good HOTAS setup? I'm unfamiliar with who's who in this brand space. There are a couple pop ups here in Asia but I'm unsure if their products have actually been vetted by an international audience just yet.


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                              I picked up the thrustmaster warthog hotas and throttle second hand. Very well built. Theres also a new hotas from winwing thats out that looks promising.


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                                I saw WinWing's F-18 HOTAS recently and it looked and felt nice, which it should, considering it was almost $1,000! There were a couple suspect seam lines, and seemingly overdriven backlit LEDs, but overall it was tempting.

                                I heard Thrustmaster is top of the line, would you concur?