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Real flight 8 scaling

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  • Real flight 8 scaling

    I bought real flight 8 a few days ago, and hoping someone can give me some help.

    Using the Hobby Horizon sports club S which is what I have in real life, I find that the scale is so small that with fixed view camera I lose sight of it as soon as I get above the horizon. Against the sky it's damn near invisible. The same occurs with most of the aircraft.

    Is it possible to scale up the size of the model?

    Or perhaps darken the sky.

    I am a real learner and wanted this sim to help me. If I change the view to nose, or chase, I can fly and land really well, but is that a good way to learn?


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    I just purchased the Realflight 9 with Tx. I'm hoping there's a way to patch it from my laptop through my big screen TV. Keep us posted. Thinking there should a settings to adjust features within the software.