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Poll: What Sim Is Best?

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    Thank you, Aros!! I noted one thing with the Real Flight sim having it on realistic mode and flying a Piper Cub that comes with the program, there is no turning from acceleration torque when taking off. I don't know if Phoenix has this or not but it would help in real life attempts to take off.


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      Yes that's the one thing...Not all models are created equal. Some models are incredibly realistic throughout their entire flight envelope while others may "fly" good but they are unrealistic in their wing load, torque ground handling, etc...That's why they have editors built in so you can tweak any aircraft to your heart's content. Problem is the editor should come with it's own manual just to figure out what the heck you are doing!

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        The best one, by far, is the other one!!

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          I've got both RF8 and Aerofly RC7 ultimate and in my opinion RC7 the more refined sim with the better flying physics.
          RF8 has got nice additional modes but it feels like it's not quite up to the graphics quality of RC7.
          I'm sure for others RF8 may work fine and be their goto sim but for me RC7 is just higher quality.

          Edit: Got the calibration to work on RF8 with tech support - disabling dead zones. Thumbs up for RF8 Tech support.