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Need help for Simulator for Mac

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  • Need help for Simulator for Mac

    Hi Motion RC gang !
    I've been holding myself to ask openly to find a solution for a simulator for my Mac, but.... it happens that after a month of research is very difficult to find a flying simulator for Apple, MAC. As all the ones Ive seen are for windows use only.
    two things first , I'm a beginner and pretty much everybody have recommended me to start at home with a simulator to get the initial idea .2nd, Once I decided to go for it I realized that non of the simulators out there are not compatible with MAC . I find it strange. ( Just one person mentioned me aerofly Ikarus for Mac ) . And that's it.
    Again, I've been holding my self to ask but the difficulties are real to find simulator for Mac users.
    I have line up a beautiful Pandora ,itching to be use ,plus several FMS warbirds .

    Thanks for reading and I'll appreciate any advice for the Mac computer.

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    Re: Need help for Simulator for Mac


    Admittedly, you are up against it when attempting to obtain a good RC flight simulator compatible with the MAC operating system. There are of couse the new RealFlight RC apps that are available for your iPhone or iPad or tablet but, I wouldn't recommend this as a way to begin. Personally, I find it much easier to fly real planes then I do the app based simulators.

    My advice (and the simplest fix with far reaching beneficial future applications, such as add-on packs) would be to pick up a decent Windows based PC (which are dirt cheap) and set it up as a dedicated RC Flight Simulator. Load it with a RealFlight 4.5 or better version RealFlight RC Flight Simulator (the latest is version 7) with the Interlink transmitter and in no time you'll be set to fly multiple planes, in multiple locations, under a multitude of conditions 24 hrs. a day. Crashed?!?? No Problem, just press what I call the 'Red Super Glue' button and your planes all fixed ready to fly/crash again!!

    A flight simulator really is the best way to get started, especially if you are in a location with limited access to experienced flyers. You'll be amazed how transferrable the skills obtained on the simulator are to the real thing. I personally spent hours and hours on my simulator before seeking out local RC pilots but, when the time came, I found a local pilot with a buddy-box setup and after a couple of hours I was solo flying!! I attribute this soley to the time spent on the simulator (of course I didn't tell the pilot first. He thought I was a Phenome!! I did come clean though after my first solo).

    Clear Skies

    Bill L.
    in Okla.


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      Re: Need help for Simulator for Mac

      Get the Aerofly Ikarus RC flight sim. They have a version that will run on an Apple MAC. It will be fine for you to develop the reflexes needed for RC flying. Having viewed their RC sim product on their website it looks very good. I have the regular Windows version Aerofly flight simulator, not RC and the graphics are very good. If possible when you are ready to fly that Pandora get an experienced pilot to be with you at the site. As a noob flyer it is not just learning how to fly but also how to make sure your plane is set up properly and safely. Do not underestimate the importance of checking your center of gravity, CG, and the correct motion of your servo movements. You want to make sure they are not reversed. Good luck and let us know how you have progressed.


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        Re: Need help for Simulator for Mac

        Thanks Bill , Thanks you very much for your reply . It is helpful and I will continue with the research . At this point I'll start looking for a fly instructor at my club for the time being !!! But again yes , I did not know how the simulators and the rc flying had such a strong bond. Then again it does makes a lot of sense .
        BTW I do think thank you're a natural from your first experience flying !!!! Again thanks so much.



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          Re: Need help for Simulator for Mac

          Thanks Baron !
          Ironically I ordered this week a CG machine and it should arrive Thursday . Thanks for mention it .
          I'm simply trying to correct all the steps as possible to avoid bad habits in the future. I do take in consideration your advises !!! I will also look into the Aerofly Ikarus. Thanks again Baron !



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            Re: Need help for Simulator for Mac

            I recently bought "Aerofly RC 7" from the App Store. It works great on my 2013 MacBook Pro.

            I used it with the trackpad initially - workable, but not ideal.

            Using a spare Playstation 3 controller over Bluetooth, Aerofly recognized the device immediately, and it flys great!

            I'm awaiting delivery of a Spektrum DX6i + interface cable, hoping that is going to be plug-and-play. TBH the PS3 controller is sufficient to have lots of fun. It has two analog controllers so I'm not sure what advantage the DX6i will bring, other than that I can use it to fly a real RC plane!


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              Re: Need help for Simulator for Mac

              The DX6i arrived and works great!

              Tip: you don't have to turn on the DX6i. Just plug in the jack in the back.

              My adapter cable has a poor design since it sticks directly out the back; placing the controller on the table places the weight on the cable. It would have been better if the jack had been L-shaped directing the cable to the side. Minor quibble.

              The set up works well though I've had to re-configure it a couple of times. Seems to work best if the DX6i is connected before starting Aerofly, and unplugged after quitting. Fun times!


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                I had heard that the flight sim Aerofly RC 7 was VERY problematic for Mac applications???


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                  I just purchased the Aerofly 7 simulator for MacBook Air and installed it. I noticed there are no planes to match a r/c Carbon Z Cub but a smaller version of an r/c Piper Cub J3. I checked with the upgraded versions and cannot find a Carbon Z Cub or anything close to it in size. Did I possibly miss it? If not, could someone suggest what might be a close representation of the Carbon Z Cub.

                  I was using an older version HP Presario CQ56 Win7 version and installed Phoenix 5, but to be blunt, it sucked because of starting and stopping, jerky motions, lag time to movement of controls, and screen fading. The local computer guru said it has a weak processor and is running something at nearly 100% but after a quick bench check he could not determine what it was. My son-in-law, someone who is quite knowledgeable in software, said to forget the crap and buy an inexpensive, new CPU and dedicate it to the flight simulator program. Trouble is, Phoenix doesn't seem to advertise an upgrade or work with Win 10. I don't know anything about RealFlight but want something that will give me good experience in sim flying to improve my efforts in real life. The Phoenix was great when it worked but rarely worked with the OS Hp Presario.
                  Do any of you have suggestions? I would like to find a program that has a Carbon Z Cub and Dynam Waco included in the list of planes. Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.